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LOOMAN Journals

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Page Paper

~ Bound by hand with handmade recycled paper on covers, 2 kraft paper pockets, and inkjet printed images of the looman creatures from the planet LUM.

~ Choice of 60 internal calligraphy paper pages for journaling, or 24 pages of drawing paper for sketching.

~Each book is 100% home compostable! I only use plastic free rice glue  & waxed string for binding.

~ Each book is unique as they are bound by hand and made with varied handmade recycled paper!

~ All packaging used by The Revolutionary Mushroom is 100% plastic-free and home compostable!

♡ Handmade with Love in Queens NY ♡

The Loomans of the LUM series:

"Loomans like to make things, move things, assemble things and make marks on the forest. Sometimes they have a conscious intent with these actions, and other times they will feel compelled to do these things without a conscious reason. Rather, they need to do these things. If they don’t they will become ill in some way.
Loomans create in the form of movement, sound, and various other methods of channeling things that do not exist on LUM into existence on LUM. As aforementioned, the regular creatures of LUM cannot pass through to other dimensions, but some loomans can. Many don’t know how, and some don’t believe it is possible."

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