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RESETTING CORE BELIEFS Large Journal Sticker Sheet

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I created this to help guide the healing process of reprogramming our core beliefs. Use these stickers to begin the exercise of replacing limiting / damaging core beliefs that keep you stuck, with affirmations that lift you up.

As you get the hang of it you may find that you can do this exercise all on your own! I hope these stickers encourage you to begin the process and help to make the healing more cute & fun! <3

✿ 3 for $40 ✿

✿ discount applied automatically at checkout ✿

✿ ok to mix n match with other large sticker sheets (including non-journal stickers) ✿

✿ bulk discount ($10/unit) applied automatically for orders of 8+ ✿

~ Handmade with Love in Queens NYC ♡

~ 100% home-compostable stickers and sticker backing

~ NOT waterproof. Recommended use: laptops, journals, indoors.
~ 11.5cm x 14cm sheet

~ All stickers are made to order. Please allow more time for large orders.