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FOREST FINDINGS Wheatstraw Mechanical Pencil

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~ Wheatstraw Mechanical Pencils

~ Uses 0.5mm lead

~ Although the outer "plastic" is compostable, please DO NOT throw this into your compost bin. The inside contains metal which is not removable.

~ What is wheatstraw "plastic"?

All-natural plastics come with a plethora of perks for ourselves, but also the environment.

First of all, this plastic is entirely biodegradable. In your home compost, it takes 3 to 6 months to fully compost, but using a city program, that time period is lowered to 1 or 2 months. It’s renewable and sustainable. Since these plastic products are completely natural, they can be decomposed and used as fertilizer. They can also be melted back into pulp to create different products again and again.

It requires less energy to produce wheat straw plastic. The production of regular plastic uses a lot of energy and releases a lot of CO2 gases. Wheat straws require less energy because they are natural and do not need as much processing to become pulp. Added to this, they require fewer toxins, such as oil, because their natural fibres make the material sturdy enough already.

It also helps save our forests because wheat straws can also be used to create paper. This material can replace paper typically used for disposable cups, plates, etc. By using agricultural waste, there is no need to chop down forests to get the needed materials.

Lastly, it’s a profitable source for agricultural farmers since they can sell their waste products for a reasonable price. It also cuts down on the need for disposal, which is traditionally accomplished through burning the waste, contributing to air pollution.