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This print consists of my favorite juiciest fruits native to Asia that are now eaten all over the world by our beautiful and widespread diaspora! I drew this with my grandma & her hands on my mind. Her hands which have farmed, worked in various factories, and massaged many bodies.

♡ Now her hands have not stopped working, but I am grateful that she is now gardening in Flushing, kneading dough to make 湯圓, and cutting fruit for us every time we visit.

♡ To my Asian Diaspora: Sometimes we may feel disconnected from our Motherland, but I am so grateful we are able to enjoy the same fruits as our ancestors wherever we may have grown our roots!


✿ bulk discount ($30/unit) automatically applied for orders of 4+ ✿

~ 11 x 17 inch 4-layer risograph print on thick off-white paper