About The Revolutionary Mushroom

The Revolutionary Mushroom was created by Mel Xu, a queer Chinese American artist, farmer and community organizer from Lenapehoking, or so-called Queens, NY. They create art nourishing our Mother Earth, our most marginalized communities, and ourselves. Mel handmakes almost all of their creations in Lenapehoking. Otherwise they collaborate with local BIPOC-owned small printing businesses. Almost everything in the shop is intentionally slowmade, home-compostable, and packaged with love in home-compostable packaging!

Mel believes that even though we all have our own bodies, hearts and minds, we are not separate from each other and the Earth. Much like mushroom fruits, we are all connected through an energetic mycelial network. We all shape the world we live in together, and we have a shared responsibility to break down crumbling systems to make way for new growth. 

We are all The Revolutionary Mushroom.

Home - Compostable vs Industrially Compostable

All stickers, stationery & labels on packaging in The Revolutionary Mushroom shop uses plastic-free home-compostable packaging only, which will turn into mushrooms one day, just like all of us! Please dispose of all packaging in your home compost, your brown bin, or at a food scrap drop off near you!

Home-Compostable vs. Industrially Compostable

Home-compostable means this corn/sugar cane-based packaging is much more likely to end up as nourishing soil, as they require a much lower temperature to completely biodegrade, as opposed to "industrially compostable" materials, which can't biodegrade in all composting facilities. As such, "industrially compostable" materials often end up in the landfill.